Can you import Mass Effect 2 PS3 save into Mass Effect 3

Ps3 Game Save Re-Signing Guide TUTO-PS3  Steal Console ID From OFW PS3 ! [4.80] HOW TO EXTRACTING AND REPACKING PS3 PKG FILE USING PS3 ALDO TOOLS Cfw-Tut How To Edit Param.sfo Of Games [PS3] BruteForce Savedata 4.7.4 Tutorial (How to Change Region Codes/Title ID)

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Ps3 Game Save Re-Signing Guide

PS3 Ultra Tutorial PT2 - More tools! Unpack-repack PKG files! + Eboot resigner + Param.SFO editor - Duration: 18:48. KM Zoilus Recommended for you Unpack-repack PKG files! + Eboot resigner + Param.SFO editor - Duration: 18:48. KM Zoilus 15,822 views. 18:48. How to Land the Space Shuttle ... Here is my tutorial on how to change Region Codes & Title ID using BruteForce Savedata 4.7.4 for PS3. NOTE: This is the Latest and FINAL VERSION of BruteForce Savedata. Please Subscribe If the ... Use filezilla to transfer the param.sfo to your desktop from the gamesave that is stored on ps3 here: dev_hdd0,home,(user number),savedata,game region,param.sfo 4. Once you have the param.sfo, go ... PS3 tutorial - Making PS2 PKG file using True Ancestor, Edit Param SFO, Supporting files + more - Duration: 18:26. KM Zoilus 4,633 views. 18:26.

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